Dalthareon al'Azoth

Dalthareon al'Azoth
NameDalthareon al’Azoth
ClassAlchemist (Grenadier)
Kingdom RoleNone as yet
Languages Known:Common, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan, Gallian, Valsgaardien
Touch AC13
Flat Footed AC14
Sense Motive+1
Knowledge (Arcana)+11
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)+7
Knowledge (History)+7
Craft: Alchemy+16 (+17 if using the resources of his alchemist’s lab in Stormont)
Craft: Bowmaking+9
Disable Device+9
Spellcraft+13 (+15 to identify magic items)
Use Magic Device+3

Dalthareon al’Azoth is an elven alchemist originally from the distant land of Valsgaard, a militant nation of elves located on the far side of the world from Gallia.

Born the bastard son of Selyria Fandorias, Queen of Valsgaard, but never officially recognized as her child and accorded the same royal privileges as his siblings Taerhel (half-brother) and Jahnel (half-sister), Dalthareon was instead taken in and raised by queen’s trusted advisor Galdar Azoth, who served as the royal scientist. When Dalthareon came of age, Galdar began teaching him the arts of true Alchemy. Dathareon also expressed significant interest in the fields of history and archaeology.

When war broke out between Valsgaard and its neighboring nation of Sorath three years ago, Dalthareon joined the military like so many of his kind, making use of his knowledge of bombs and other alchemical weapons, as well as his skill with the bow, to become an accomplished grenadier.

During a reconnaissance mission which took Dalthareon and his infantry unit deep into the desert badlands which partially separated the two nations, the group chanced upon the ruins of an ancient temple. Investigating the ancient site, Dalthareon and his men were involuntarily caught up in a conflux of wild arcane energy when one of the soldiers accidentally triggered a long-dormant trap mechanism. The cloud of roiling magic released by the trap warped space around and in it as it swept over Dalthareon and several others, carrying them elsewhere.

When he awoke from unconsciousness some hours later, Dalthareon found himself lying in a forest in a bewildering and unfamiliar land, the sole survivor of the unintended voyage. At least the stars were the same, meaning he was still on his own world. As he began exploring and wandering across this strange new land, hoping to find a way home, Dalthareon learned in time that the locals called this region “(Name TBD)” Now a literal stranger in a strange land, Dalthareon has been doing his best to adjust to the customs, languages, and strange traditions of the region he now has no choice but to call home for now.

Two years ago, Dalthareon officially relocated to “Capital City name TBD” , drawn there by the stories of the transformative wild magic phenomenon known as the Mist which appeared periodically in the area. If the Mist could do half of what he’d heard, he reasoned, then perhaps it might also lead him to discover a way back to Valsgaard. So far, however, he has been unsuccessful in this quest.

In order to keep up with the practice of alchemy (both mundane and wondrous), Dalthareon set up a small alchemical lab in “Capital City”. Much to his chagrin, a number of the locals have taken to visiting his lab in search of one concoction or another whenever he is in town, despite Dalthareon’s repeated insistence that he is not a shopkeep). He has spent much of the time since his arrival away from the city, investigating the Mist-changed regions nearby and some of the ancient ruins or archaeological sites that Gallia seems to have in abundance, if one just knows where to look.

Dalthareon has recently returned to “Capital City” from one such expedition, only to learn that the Duke had been deposed while he was away, and that his only serious “rival” in the alchemical arts, “Tanith Kemble” (to be changed), had been taken into custody by the new ruler and his compatriots before being exiled. What this means for Dalthareon in the coming days and weeks remains uncertain…

Trained as a Valsgaardian grenadier and alchemist, Dalthareon most frequently engages in combat from a close distance, making use of thrown weapons such as his custom-created alchemical bombs, alchemical liquid “splash weapons,” or other improvised thrown objects as necessary. He is also an accomplished archer, regularly using an ornate composite longbow for long-range attacks in concert with his alchemical talents, and he wields a two-handed llamorash (a Valsgaardien variant of the Elven Curve Blade), the traditional melee weapon of the Valsgaardian infantry.

Dalthareon al'Azoth

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